Rosebud is a different kind of florist. Its founder is a former Tate Britain curator, they sell through an online shop, and each bouquet is based on a different piece of culture like a book, painting, song or movie. This bouquet—based on the classic film—is Sunset Boulevard.

Flowers are loaded with sentimentality and its difficult to create a brand around them without appearing twee. The simple wordmark is placed on to details of classical paintings that act as elaborate backdrops, a similar vein to Peter Saville’s work for New Order. By adopting old images and placing them in a new context an identity is created that is centered around flowers without appearing dainty.

This concept plays through in the website where each page’s banner image is a different creative commons painting from Dutch still lifes to French Impressionists, always with flowers as a central theme. Old and new meet again in the typefaces—a pairing of Calibre and Caslon.

The online shop references the environment in which we often see art and culture—a gallery. Each image of a bouquet is large and framed with its name and price. When you click in every arrangement has a description of its inpiration and a reference photo which touches on everything from 18th century novels to Japanese watercolours.

23 January 2014