'How Clothes Should Fit' is a simple guide for men about how to buy clothes that suit their shape. This advice applies whether you're tall or short, slim or wide. Well fitted clothes help anyone look better. I made this guide as a personal project for r/malefashionadvice. It is based on the words of Nick Taverna who helped to create and edit the guide.

Each section of the guide covers a common menswear item with bullet point advice and a greyscale illustration as an example of good fit in practice.

There are a few small do and don't sections covering common mistakes in regards to fit.

The bullet point advice is brief and to the point. The key word in each area is highlighted. This allows the reader to quickly scan for relevant advice.

The guide was then later converted to a website by Ilias Ismanalijev. The site is responsive and mobile friendly allowing users to jump to relevant sections and bookmark for later use.

6 July 2013

How Clothes Should Fit PDF
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