Epochs Menswear

Epochs is a mens clothing site that focuses on the details. Most publications in the field focus on fad and fashion but Epochs’ weekly articles take a slow approach that cover the history and culture that surround clothing. Together with Andrew Emerson, I redesigned and developed the site and its identity.

Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear

Epochs’ backend is built with Craft using modular pieces on a twelve-column grid. This allows the author with no technical knowledge to quickly create beautiful and diverse layouts of image grids, pull-quotes, text and videos.

Epochs Menswear

In addition to creating the site’s regular layout, I also design and develop special one-off features for Epochs. These in-depth articles cover topics such as the Navy’s influence on men’s clothing or the various camouflages you find in streetwear.

Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear Epochs Menswear

These larger pieces with their expressive layouts attract the bulk of Epochs’ traffic. The site’s redesign and these special features have increased traffic many times over. This is an ongoing relationship and I really enjoy creating these longform reading experiences so check back for more features in the future.

April 2016