This is by far the largest project I've worked on and was the culmin­ation of months of effort. Our small team (Derek, Jura and myself) designed the catalogue, signage, invitations, video and website for the DIT Graduate Exhibition this year.

Trying to create a brand that represented all of the students across seven disciplines from fine art to product design was a huge problem. So, rather than focusing on our differences, we centred the brand around what we all have in common—aspirations for the future. The copywriting was based around the theme of “The Next.” This was then combined with various interchangeable aspirations. You may strive to be the next Offset speaker or the next great sculptor, no matter what your aspirations the brand can reflect them.

Once we'd settled on our concept and copywriting we needed to create a visual language that represented these same ideas. We created a grid composed of squares cut at forty-five degree angles. Within this grid we were able to craft various abstract shapes and arrows all with a forward momentum that fit nicely our concept of “The Next.”

Working with these abstract shapes and copy we created posters unique to each course featuring work from their students. We wanted to emphasise that behind all of the work are students so we literally placed the work in front of people.

These posters were then adjusted for a series of billboards placed up around Dublin promoting the exhibition.

To accompany the exhibition we created a catalogue featuring work from each of the 150 graduates.

We wanted the catalogue to be flexible to the student's needs so we opted for an otabind. This allowed the book to lie flat and imagery to go across the page. Whether the students had portrait, landscape or square images the layout could adjust to their needs.

To get people excited and informed about the exhibition we screen-printed over 200 invites with gold ink onto fabriano. Invitations are often mass produced and impersonal so we tried to create a hand-made object with weight that would make an impression when you open it.

To help promote the exhibition we created a short promo video featuring teaser clips of some of the work on show.

The responsive ditgradex website provides opening times, plays our promo video in the background, and acts as a portal to the archive of graduate's work on the DIT website.

Finally for the exhibition itself we created a sculpture and signage utilising the arrow shapes and gold accent colour we'd used throughout the brand.

15 June 2014

Exhibition images courtesy of Adrian Langtry