Coras Website Screenshot

Coras is an Irish tech startup focused on ticketing. You know when you buy a plane ticket the airline website then offers you a hotel room? Coras is applying this same approach to events. So say you buy a plane ticket to New York, Coras’s widget on the airline’s site would then offer you Broadway tickets that same weekend.

Coras wanted to appear both as an established tech company and as a disruptive force in their market as they look to challenge ageing monopolists like Ticketmaster. This led us to using bright colours and geometric sans common in the tech world but with bold angles and animations to bring an edginess and sense of modernity.

As Coras only wished to target modern desktop browsers and mobile I had the luxury of being able to use some modern CSS normally too bleeding edge. This led to a large variety of filters, image masks and animations being used throughtout the site—again enforcing the sense of modernity.

March 2017